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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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3-Dimensional Layered Path Planning for Anytime Milling ApplicationsWaringo, Michel2003
3-dimensionale schichtweise Bahnplanung für Any-Time-FräsanwendungenWaringo, Michel2004
3-Dimensionale Schichtweise Bahnplanung für Anytime-FräsanwendungenWaringo, Michel2003
3D Collision Detection for Industrial Robots and Unknown Obstacles using Multiple Depth ImagesFischer, Markus2009
6 DOF path planning in dynamic environments - A parallel on-line approachHenrich, Dominik1998
A Cognitive Human Model for Virtual Commissioning of Dynamic Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2021
A distributed planning and control system for industrial robotsWurll, Christian1998
A Fast Robot Playback Programming System Using Video Editing ConceptsRiedl, Michael2019
A Fast, GPU-based Geometrical Placement Planner For Unknown Sensor-Modelled Objects And Placement AreasBaumgartl, Johannes2014
A Geometrical Placement Planner For Unknown Sensor-Modelled Objects And Placement AreasBaumgartl, Johannes2013
A GOTO-Based Concept for Intuitive Robot ProgrammingBarth, Katharina2012
A Hybrid Force Following Controller For Multi-Scale MotionsStolka, Philipp2003
A parallel control architecture for industrial robot cellsHenrich, Dominik1998
A review of parallel processing approaches to motion planningHenrich, Dominik1996
A Review of Parallel Processing Approaches to Robot Kinematics and JacobianHenrich, Dominik1997
A Safe Fault Tolerant Multi-View Approach for Vision-Based Protective DevicesOber-Gecks, Antje2010
Acoustic detection of contact state changes of deformable linear objectsDeiterding, Jan2006
Acquiring Change Models for Sensor-Based Robot ManipulationDeiterding, Jan2008
Affordance Based Disambiguation and Validation in Human-Robot DialogueWölfel, Kim2020
An Architecture for Intuitive Programming and Robust Execution of Industrial Robot ProgramsOrendt, Eric M.2018
Anwendungen effizienter Verfahren in Automation - Universität Karlsruhe auf der SPS97 in Nürnberg -Wurll, Christian1998
Augmented Reality Robot Operation Interface with Google TangoGradmann, Michael2018
Automatic adaptation of sensor-based robotsDeiterding, Jan2007
Automatic off-line programming and motion planning for industrial robotsWörn, Heinz1998
Bildbasierte Kollisionstests für Randomized-Roadmap-BahnplanerHenrich, Dominik2004
Building Local Maps in Surgical RoboticsStolka, Philipp2005
Coarse Geometry acquisition of welding parts using a novel cheap depth sensorGecks, Thorsten2012
Coarse Geometry acquisition of welding parts using a novel cheap depth sensorGecks, Thorsten2012
Coloured Petri Nets for Monitoring Human Actions in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsHöllerich, Nico2021
Computer- und Roboter-Assistierte Chirurgie zum Kraft-Rückgekoppelten Fräsen eines knöchernen Implantatlagers an der Lateralen SchädelbasisFederspil, Philipp A.2002
Control Flow for Robust One-Shot Robot Programming using Entity-based ResourcesOrendt, Eric M.2017
Coordinating Flexible Human-Robot Teams by Local World State ObservationRiedelbauch, Dominik2017
Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Agent Software Architecture for Risk-Minimized Path Planning in Human-Robot WorkcellsWerner, Tobias2017
Design of Robust Robot Programs: Deviation Detection and Classification using Entity-based ResourcesOrendt, Eric M.2015
Development of the First Force-Controlled Robot for OtoneurosurgeryFederspil, Philipp A.2003
Direct and Inverse Simulation of Deformable Linear ObjectsRemde, Axel2000
Discontinuity Detection for Force-based ManipulationSchlechter, Antoine2006
Dynamische MRK in der ProduktionRiedelbauch, Dominik2021
Editing and synchronizing multi-robot playback programsRiedl, Michael2016
Efficient and Precise Multi-Camera ReconstructionWerner, Tobias2014
Efficient GPU Photo Hull Reconstruction for SurveillanceOber-Gecks, Antje2014
Efficient graphics processing unit–based voxel carving for surveillanceOber-Gecks, Antje2016
Efficient smoothing of piecewise linear paths with minimal deviationWaringo, Michel2006
Efficient, Precise, and Convenient Calibration of Multi-Camera Systems by Robot AutomationWerner, Tobias2018
Efficient, Risk-Encoding Octrees For Path Planning With A Robot ManipulatorWerner, Tobias2019
Ein allgemeiner Ansatz zur Montage deformierbarer linearer Werkstücke mit IndustrieroboternRemde, Axel2000
Ein Workstation - Cluster für paralleles Rechnen in Robotik-AnwendungenWurll, Christian1997
Eine Frage der AbstimmungRiedelbauch, Dominik2017
Enabling Domain Experts to Model and Execute Tasks in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2017
Enabling End-Users to Deploy Flexible Human-Robot Teams to Factories of the FutureRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
ENACT: An Efficient and Extensible Entity-Actor Framework for Modular Robotics Software ComponentsWerner, Tobias2016
Environment Guided Handling of Deformable Linear Objects: From Task Demonstration to Task ExecutionAcker, Jürgen2006
Evaluation of Deviation Detection and Isolation in Task ExecutionOrendt, Eric M.2017
Exploiting a Human-Aware World Model for Dynamic Task Allocation in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
Exploring Interaction Modalities and Task Allocation for Household Robotic ArmHerr, Sascha2016
Extended Robot State Automata for Intuitive Robot ProgrammingSauer, Lukas2021
Fast Distance Computation for On-line Collision Detection with Multi-Arm RobotsHenrich, Dominik1992
Fast Graphical Task Modelling for Flexible Human-Robot TeamingRiedelbauch, Dominik2018
Fast motion planning by parallel processing - A reviewHenrich, Dominik1997
Fast multi-camera reconstruction and surveillance with human tracking and optimized camera configurationsOber-Gecks, Antje2014
Fast Vision-based Grasp and Delivery Planning for unknown ObjectsBaumgartl, Johannes2012
Fast Vision-Based Minimum Distance Determination Between Known and Unknown ObjectsKuhn, Stefan2007
First 3D Ultrasound Scanning, Planning, and Execution of CT-free Milling Interventions with a Surgical RobotStolka, Philipp2008
First System for Interactive Position Planning of Implant ComponentsWaringo, Michel2003
Flächendeckende Bahnplanung in vollständig, teilweise oder nicht bekannten UmgebungenHenrich, Dominik1998
Flexible Steuerung pneumatischer Greifer durch ProportionalventileRemde, Axel1998
Force Feedback Control of Robot's Speed Prevents Heat Trauma in Robotic Milling at the Lateral Skull BaseFederspil, Philipp A.2003
Force- and Vision-based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAbbegg, Frank2000
Gesagt, (gefragt,) getanWölfel, Kim2019
GPU-based Power-Grasp And Placement Planners For Unknown EnvironmentsBaumgartl, Johannes2014
Grounding of actions based on verbalized physical effects and manipulation primitivesSpangenberg, Michael2015
Grounding of Uncertain Force Parameters in Spoken Robot CommandsWölfel, Kim2019
Grounding Verbs for Tool-Dependent, Sensor-Based Robot TasksWölfel, Kim2018
GroundSim: Animating Human Agents for Validated Workspace MonitoringWölfel, Kim2018
Guiding Robots to Predefined Goal Positions with Multi-Modal FeedbackRiedl, Michael2018
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.1: EinleitungSpangenberg, Michael2019
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.2: Modalitäten zur InteraktionGradmann, Michael2019
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.3: Programmierung von RoboternOrendt, Eric M.2019
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.4: Erkennung von möglichen Mensch/Roboter-KollisionenWerner, Tobias2019
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.5: Reaktion auf mögliche Mensch/Roboter-KollisionenWerner, Tobias2019
Handbuch Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Kapitel 5.6: Koordinierung hybrider Mensch-Roboter-TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
Handhabung deformierbarer linearer Objekte: Programmierung mit verschiedenen Manipulation-SkillsSchlechter, Antoine2002
Handhabung deformierbarer linearer Objekte: Vergleich zwischen kraft- und bildbasierter Erkennung von KontaktzustandsübergängenSchlechter, Antoine2004
Human-Robot Collaboration by Intention recognition using Probabilistic State MachinesAwais, Muhammad2010
Human-robot cooperation: Safe Pick-and-Place OperationsGecks, Thorsten2005
Improving Navigation Precision of Milling Operations in Surgical RoboticsStolka, Philipp2006
Incremental Online Reconstruction of Locally Quadric SurfacesBloeß, Josua2022
Incremental reconstruction of planar B-Rep models from multiple point cloudsSand, Maximilian2016
Inferenz mit Fuzzy-Zeit-TermenSchmidt, Thorsten W.2005
Initialization of parallel branch-and-bound algorithmsHenrich, Dominik1993
Intuitive Erzeugung von 3D-Modellen mit handgehaltenen SensorenSand, Maximilian2014
Intuitive Robot Programming of Spatial Control Loops with Linear MovementsBarth, Katharina2009
Kinesthetic Robot Force Response enhanced by the Laws of PhysicsGradmann, Michael2018
Kooperation von Mensch und RoboterHenrich, Dominik2009
Kraft-basierte lokale Navigation zur robotergestützten Implantatbettanlage im Bereich der lateralen SchädelbasisPlinkert, Peter K.2001
Lastverteilung für feinkörnig parallelisiertes Branch-and-boundHenrich, Dominik1995
Learning to forget: Integrating Data Aging Strategies into a World Model for Robotics SystemsWerner, Tobias2016
Local load balancing for data parallel branch-and-boundHenrich, Dominik1994
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Contact states and point contacts -Henrich, Dominik1999
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Vision-based recognition of contact state transitions -Abbegg, Frank1999
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Attachable Adjustment-Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristic Features for Vision-Based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAcker, Jürgen2003
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristics in Force Signals for Detecting Contact State TransitionsSchlechter, Antoine2001
Manipulating deformable linear objects: Contact state transitions and transition conditionsRemde, Axel1999
Manipulating deformable linear objects: Efficient simulation of the workpiece behaviorRemde, Axel1999
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Force/torque Sensor-Based Adjustment-Motions For Vibration EliminationYue, Shigang2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Fuzzy-Based Active Vibration Damping SkillYue, Shigang2006
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Manipulation Skill for Active Damping of OscillationsSchlechter, Antoine2002
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Model-Based Adjustment-Motion for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Programming using Different Manipulation SkillsSchlechter, Antoine2003
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Robot Motions in Single and Multiple Contact PointsSchmidt, Thorsten W.2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Sensor-Based Fast Manipulation during VibrationYue, Shigang2002
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Sensor-Based Skills of Adjustment Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2005
Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects: Analysis of two-dimensional static approximation functionsTimm, Sergej2005
Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects: Force-based simulation approach for haptic feedbackKahl, Björn2005
Manipulation of Deformable Linear Objects: From Geometric Model Towards Program GenerationAcker, Jürgen2005
Matching and Pose Estimation of Noisy, Partial and Planar B-Rep ModelsSand, Maximilian2017
MINERIC Toolkit: Measuring Instruments to Evaluate Robustness and Intuitiveness of Robot Programming ConceptsOrendt, Eric M.2017
Modeling Intuitive Behavior for Safe Human/Robot Coexistence and CooperationHenrich, Dominik2006
Motion planning in dynamic environments - A parallel online approachWörn, Heinz1998
Multi-Camera Collision Detection allowing for Object OcclusionsGecks, Thorsten2006
Multi-camera Collision Detection between Known and Unknown ObjectsHenrich, Dominik2008
Multi-directional search with goal switching for robot path planningHenrich, Dominik1998
Multi-Finger Grasp Panning For Sensor-Modled Objects Using Local Curvature InformationBaumgartl, Johannes2014
Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian1999
Multi-Tasking of Competing Behaviors on a Robot ManipulatorGroth, Christian2013
Multi-View Reconstruction in-between Known EnvironmentsKuhn, Stefan2010
Multi-View Reconstruction of Unknown Objects in the Presence of Known OcclusionsKuhn, Stefan2009
Multi-View Reconstruction of Unknown Objects within a Known EnvironmentKuhn, Stefan2009
Neural Networks for Real-Time, Probabilistic Obstacle DetectionWerner, Tobias2017
Object Recognition for Robotics based on Planar Reconstructed B-Rep ModelsRohner, Dorian2019
On-line Kollisionserkennung mit hierarchisch modellierten Hindernissen für ein Mehrarm-RobotersystemHenrich, Dominik1991
On-line motion planning for medical applicationsBurghart, Ch.1998
On-line path planning by heuristic hierarchical searchHenrich, Dominik1998
On-line path planning with optimal C-space discretizationHenrich, Dominik1998
One-Shot Robot Programming by Demonstration by Adapting Motion SegmentsGroth, Christian2014
One-Shot Robot Programming by Demonstration using an Online Oriented Particles SimulationGroth, Christian2014
Online calibration of one-dimensional sensors for robot manipulation tasksDeiterding, Jan2009
Online intention learning for human-robot interaction by scene observationAwais, Muhammad2012
Optimal Camera Placement to Measure Distances Regarding Static and Dynamic ObstaclesHänel, Maria2012
Parallel on-line motion planning for industrial robotsWurll, Christian1998
Parallel processing approaches in roboticsHenrich, Dominik1997
Parallele Datenverarbeitung hilft Robotik und AutomationHenrich, Dominik1997
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObstaclesGecks, Thorsten2007
Path planning for industrial robot arms - A parallel randomized approachHenrich, Dominik1996
Picking-up deformable linear objects with industrial robotsRemde, Axel1999
Playback Robot Programming Framework for Fiber Spraying ProcessesSchmidt, Edgar2021
Playback Robot Programming with Loop IncrementsRiedl, Michael2021
Point-to-Point and Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian2001
Point-to-Point Trajectory Planning of Flexible Redundant Robot Manipulators Using Genetic AlgorithmsYue, Shigang2001
Principles of Navigation in Surgical RoboticsHenrich, Dominik2004
Proactive premature-intention estimation for intuitive human robot collaborationAwais, Muhammad2012
Probability Based Robot Search PathsDeiterding, Jan2009
Randomized Parallel Motion Planning for Robot ManipulatorsQin, Caigong1996
Relevant Perception Modalities for Flexible Human-Robot TeamsHöllerich, Nico2020
Robot Manipulation of Deformable ObjectsHenrich, Dominik2000
Robot Programming by Non-Experts: Intuitiveness and Robustness of One-Shot Robot ProgrammingOrendt, Eric M.2016
Robot-Assisted 3D Ultrasound Scanning with IR Navigation SupportStolka, Philipp2006
Robot-Based 3D Ultrasound Scanning and Registration with Infrared Navigation SupportStolka, Philipp2007
Robot-Based Creation of Complete 3D Workpiece ModelsHarrer, David2022
Robot-Based Fiber Spray Process for Small Batch ProductionSchmidt, Edgar2020
Robotergestütztes Fräsen an der lateralen Schädelbasis: Kraft-basierte lokale Navigation bei der ImplantatbettanlageHenrich, Dominik2002
Robots and their variability – A societal challenge and a potential solutionBuchmann, Thomas2015
Robust One-Shot Robot Programming by Demonstration using Entity-based ResourcesOrendt, Eric M.2017
Rule based Intention Generalization through Human-Robot InteractionAwais, Muhammad2012
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Image-based Collision Detection for Industrial RobotsEbert, Dirk2002
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Problem Analysis, System Concept and Fast Sensor FusionEbert, Dirk2001
Scalable Visual Representation of Sensor-Based, Nested Robot ProgramsRiedl, Michael2020
Schnelle Kollisionserkennung durch parallele AbstandsberechnungHenrich, Dominik1997
Sensor- and Plausibility-based Surveillance of Human/Robot-WorkspacesHänel, Maria2012
Sensor-Based Loops and Branches for Playback-Programmed Robot SystemsRiedl, Michael2017
Sensor-based Online Planning of Time-optimized Paths in Dynamic EnvironmentsGecks, Thorsten2009
Sichere Mensch/Roboter-Koexistenz und KooperationHenrich, Dominik2008
Sicherheitsstrategien für die Mensch-Roboter-Kooperation - Das SIMERO-SystemEbert, Dirk2002
SIMERO: Camera Supervised Workspace for Service RobotsGecks, Thorsten2004
SIMERO: Sichere Mensch-Roboter-KoexistenzEbert, Dirk2003
Simulation-Based Validation of Robot Commands for Force-Based Robot MotionsWölfel, Kim2020
Single-Shot Learning and Scheduled Execution of Behaviors for a Robotic ManipulatorGroth, Christian2014
Skill Interaction Categories for Communication in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Space-efficient region filling in raster graphicsHenrich, Dominik1994
Sparse and Precise Reconstruction of Static Obstacles for Real-Time Path Planning in Human-Robot WorkspacesWerner, Tobias2018
Spezialisten überflüssig - Die Sensorik IntegrationDeiterding, Jan2009
Supporting a Human-Aware World Model through Sensor FusionRiedelbauch, Dominik2017
Surveillance of Robots using Multiple Colour or Depth Cameras with Distributed ProcessingFischer, Markus2009
Symbol Grounding for symbolic robot commands based on physical propertiesSpangenberg, Michael2016
Symbolic Robot Commanding utilizing Physical Properties - System OverviewSpangenberg, Michael2016
Task Generalization for Robust One-Shot Robot Programming using Entity-based ResourcesOrendt, Eric M.2018
Temporal erweiterte Prädikate der Fuzzy-Logik zur Überwachung und WartungSchmidt, Thorsten W.2004
The Liquid Model Load Balancing MethodHenrich, Dominik1996
Towards a domain specific language for sensor-based actionsSpangenberg, Michael2016
Towards A Domain-specific Language For Pick-And-Place ApplicationsBuchmann, Thomas2013
Towards an intuitive interface for instructing robots handling tasks based on verbalized physical effectsSpangenberg, Michael2014
Towards Easy Robot Programming: Using DSLs, Code Generators and Software Product LinesBaumgartl, Johannes2013
Towards Intuitive Robot Programming Using Finite State AutomataSauer, Lukas2019
Trajectory Planning in joint space for flexible robots with kinematics redundancyYue, Shigang2001
User Guidance and Automatic Completion for Generating Planar B-Rep ModelsRohner, Dorian2020
User-Centered Design of an Intuitive Robot Playback Programming SystemColceriu, Christian2020
Using Active Vision for Enhancing an Surface-based Object Recognition ApproachRohner, Dorian2020
Using Maps from Local Sensors for Volume-Removing ToolsStolka, Philipp2007
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque dataKuhn, Stefan2006
Verfahren und System zur Überwachung eines dreidimensionalen Raumbereichs mit mehreren KamerasHenrich, Dominik2010
Verfahren zur Steuerung von parallelkinematischen und hybriden MaschinenHenrich, Dominik2005
Vergleich von klassischem und temporalem Fuzzy-Regler beschrieben in Fuzzy Control Language mit PID-ReglernSchmidt, Thorsten W.2006
Videoschnitt trifft intuitive RoboterprogrammierungRiedl, Michael2020
Virtual Robot Programming for Deformable Linear Objects: System concept and Prototype ImplementationKahl, Björn2002
Virtuelle Roboter Programmierung: Konzept und Prototypische Implementierung (Erweiterter Abstrakt)Kahl, Björn2004
Vision-based Generation of Precedence GraphsRohner, Dorian2019
Wissenschaftlicher ZugewinnHenrich, Dominik2016
Wizard of Botz: A Novel Setup for Wizard of Oz ExperimentsWölfel, Kim2020
Workpiece Drift Recognition and Adaptation for Robot Manipulation TasksDeiterding, Jan2008
Workstation-Cluster in Betrieb genommenHenrich, Dominik1997

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Augmented Reality Robot Operation Interface with Google TangoOrendt, Eric M.2017
Grounding of Uncertain Force Parameters in Spoken Robot CommandsWölfel, Kim2020
Grounding Verbs for Tool-Dependent, Sensor-Based Robot TasksWölfel, Kim2018
GroundSim: Animating Human Agents for Validated Workspace MonitoringWölfel, Kim2018
Neural Networks for Real-Time, Probabilistic Obstacle DetectionBloeß, Josua2017
Robot-Automated Multi-Camera CalibrationWerner, Tobias2018
Robot-Based Fiber Spray Process for Small Batch ProductionSchmidt, Edgar2020
Simulation-Based Validation of Robot Commands for Force-Based Robot MotionsWölfel, Kim2020
ToolBot : Robotically Reproducing HandicraftWölfel, Kim2020
Wizard of Botz: A Novel Setup for Wizard of Oz ExperimentsWölfel, Kim2020
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