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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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Robot-Assisted 3D Ultrasound Scanning with IR Navigation Support
Philipp Stolka , Philipp A. Federspil , Dominik Henrich , Steffen H. Tretbar , Michel Waringo

Abstract (english)
Planning milling paths for robot-based implant bed milling in the lateral skull base - the domain of the RONAF system - necessitates sampling of some pre-operative planning data. With that data, optimal implant position and individual milling paths can be computed. We present an ultrasound-based method to generate equally suited image data with less cost than with computed tomography (CT).

Publication data

Year: 2006
Publication date: 12. October 2006
Source: CURAC 2006, Hannover, 12.-14.10.2006
Project: RONAF
Referrer: https://www.ai3.uni-bayreuth.de/de/publikationen/resypub/index.php?mode=pub_show&pub_ref=stolka2006b


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