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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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Point-to-Point and Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial Robots
Christian Wurll , Dominik Henrich

Abstract (english)
This article presents contributions in the field of path planning for industrial robots with 6 degrees of freedom. This work presents the results of our research in the last 4 years at the Institute for Process Control and Robotics at the University of Karlsruhe. The path planning approach we present works in an implicit and discretized C-space. Collisions are detected in the Cartesian workspace by a hierarchical distance computation. The method is based on the A* search algorithm and needs no essential off-line computation. A new optimal discretization method leads to smaller search spaces, thus speeding up the planning. For a further acceleration, the search was parallelized. With a static load distribution good speedups can be achieved. By extending the algorithm to a bidirectional search, the planner is able to automatically select the easier search direction. The new dynamic switching of start and goal leads finally to the multi-goal path planning, which is able to compute a collision-free path between a set of goal poses (e.g., spot welding points) while minimizing the total path length.

Publication data

Year: 2001
Publication date: 12. June 2001
Source: Preprint: Special Issue on "Motion Planning" of the Journal of Robotic Systems, 2001
Project: SKALP
Keywords (english): bidirectional search , discretization , graph search , industrial robots , on-line algorithms , path planning , point-to-point , search algorithms
Referrer: https://www.ai3.uni-bayreuth.de/de/publikationen/resypub/index.php?mode=pub_show&pub_ref=wurll2001a


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