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3-Dimensional Layered Path Planning for Anytime Milling ApplicationsWaringo, Michel2003
6 DOF path planning in dynamic environments - A parallel on-line approachHenrich, Dominik1998
A distributed planning and control system for industrial robotsWurll, Christian1998
A review of parallel processing approaches to motion planningHenrich, Dominik1996
Automatic off-line programming and motion planning for industrial robotsWörn, Heinz1998
Design and Evaluation of a Multi-Agent Software Architecture for Risk-Minimized Path Planning in Human-Robot WorkcellsWerner, Tobias2017
Efficient smoothing of piecewise linear paths with minimal deviationWaringo, Michel2006
Efficient, Risk-Encoding Octrees For Path Planning With A Robot ManipulatorWerner, Tobias2019
Fast motion planning by parallel processing - A reviewHenrich, Dominik1997
Fast Vision-based Grasp and Delivery Planning for unknown ObjectsBaumgartl, Johannes2012
First 3D Ultrasound Scanning, Planning, and Execution of CT-free Milling Interventions with a Surgical RobotStolka, Philipp2008
First System for Interactive Position Planning of Implant ComponentsWaringo, Michel2003
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Contact states and point contacts -Henrich, Dominik1999
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristic Features for Vision-Based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAcker, Jürgen2003
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Robot Motions in Single and Multiple Contact PointsSchmidt, Thorsten W.2001
Motion planning in dynamic environments - A parallel online approachWörn, Heinz1998
Multi-directional search with goal switching for robot path planningHenrich, Dominik1998
Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian1999
On-line motion planning for medical applicationsBurghart, Ch.1998
On-line path planning by heuristic hierarchical searchHenrich, Dominik1998
On-line path planning with optimal C-space discretizationHenrich, Dominik1998
Parallel on-line motion planning for industrial robotsWurll, Christian1998
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObstaclesGecks, Thorsten2007
Path planning for industrial robot arms - A parallel randomized approachHenrich, Dominik1996
Point-to-Point and Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian2001
Point-to-Point Trajectory Planning of Flexible Redundant Robot Manipulators Using Genetic AlgorithmsYue, Shigang2001
Probability Based Robot Search PathsDeiterding, Jan2009
Randomized Parallel Motion Planning for Robot ManipulatorsQin, Caigong1996
Sensor-based Online Planning of Time-optimized Paths in Dynamic EnvironmentsGecks, Thorsten2009
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Sparse and Precise Reconstruction of Static Obstacles for Real-Time Path Planning in Human-Robot WorkspacesWerner, Tobias2018
Trajectory Planning in joint space for flexible robots with kinematics redundancyYue, Shigang2001

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2D Path Planning with Blackboard ArchitectureBayer, Andreas2017
Deliverable No. 6Gecks, Thorsten2011
Deliverable No. 7Gecks, Thorsten2011
Konzentrische BahnenWaringo, Michel2003
Mäanderbahnen (Zickzackbahnen) Waringo, Michel2003
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObjectsGecks, Thorsten2007
Potentialfeldbasierte BahnenWaringo, Michel2003
SIMERO: Fast Motion PlanningEbert, Dirk2001
SIMERO: Path PlanningEbert, Dirk2003
Vision-based real-time online path planning for human-robot coexistenceGecks, Thorsten2011
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