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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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SIMERO: Fast Motion Planning
Dirk Ebert

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Video date: 15. October 2001
Description: Project Thesis: "SIMERO Software System Design and Implementation" This project thesis presents the software design of a path planning system for an industrial robot. The path planning is based on sensor information from a camera vision system and from the configuration sensors of the industrial robot. The software is designed to provide real-time obstacle avoidance while controlling the robot over a network connection. We present a multithreaded and data-flow oriented design approach and the implementation and test results for the prototype software.
Referrer: https://www.ai3.uni-bayreuth.de/de/publikationen/resypub/index.php?mode=vid_show&vid_ref=ebert2001a
Videolink: SIMERO: Fast Motion Planning

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