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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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A GOTO-Based Concept for Intuitive Robot ProgrammingBarth, Katharina2012
A parallel control architecture for industrial robot cellsHenrich, Dominik1998
Automatic adaptation of sensor-based robotsDeiterding, Jan2007
Coloured Petri Nets for Monitoring Human Actions in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsHöllerich, Nico2021
Efficient smoothing of piecewise linear paths with minimal deviationWaringo, Michel2006
Efficient, Precise, and Convenient Calibration of Multi-Camera Systems by Robot AutomationWerner, Tobias2018
Erstellung eines unterstützenden Systems zur dreidimensionalen Raumerfassung mit einer handgehaltenen Farb-/TiefenkameraSand, Maximilian2013
Exploring Interaction Modalities and Task Allocation for Household Robotic ArmHerr, Sascha2016
Fast motion planning by parallel processing - A reviewHenrich, Dominik1997
Fast Vision-Based Minimum Distance Determination Between Known and Unknown ObjectsKuhn, Stefan2007
Grounding of actions based on verbalized physical effects and manipulation primitivesSpangenberg, Michael2015
Improving Navigation Precision of Milling Operations in Surgical RoboticsStolka, Philipp2006
Learning to forget: Integrating Data Aging Strategies into a World Model for Robotics SystemsWerner, Tobias2016
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Attachable Adjustment-Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2001
Manipulating deformable linear objects: Contact state transitions and transition conditionsRemde, Axel1999
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Fuzzy-Based Active Vibration Damping SkillYue, Shigang2006
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Manipulation Skill for Active Damping of OscillationsSchlechter, Antoine2002
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Sensor-Based Skills of Adjustment Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2005
Multi-directional search with goal switching for robot path planningHenrich, Dominik1998
Multi-Tasking of Competing Behaviors on a Robot ManipulatorGroth, Christian2013
On-line path planning with optimal C-space discretizationHenrich, Dominik1998
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObstaclesGecks, Thorsten2007
Path planning for industrial robot arms - A parallel randomized approachHenrich, Dominik1996
Point-to-Point and Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian2001
Proactive premature-intention estimation for intuitive human robot collaborationAwais, Muhammad2012
Safe human-robot-coexistence: emergency-stop using a high-speed vision-chipEbert, Dirk2005
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Image-based Collision Detection for Industrial RobotsEbert, Dirk2002
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Problem Analysis, System Concept and Fast Sensor FusionEbert, Dirk2001
Sensor-Based Loops and Branches for Playback-Programmed Robot SystemsRiedl, Michael2017
Skill Interaction Categories for Communication in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Temporal erweiterte Prädikate der Fuzzy-Logik zur Überwachung und WartungSchmidt, Thorsten W.2004
Towards A Domain-specific Language For Pick-And-Place ApplicationsBuchmann, Thomas2013
Using Maps from Local Sensors for Volume-Removing ToolsStolka, Philipp2007
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque dataKuhn, Stefan2006

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Automatische Lastdatenbestimmung unter Nutzung eines sensorbasierten RobotersystemsMüller, Hannes2017
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObjectsGecks, Thorsten2007
Sensor-Based Branches for Playback-Programmed Robot SystemsRiedl, Michael2019
Sensor-based loops and branches for playback-programmed robot systemsRiedl, Michael2017
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque data-Part1Kuhn, Stefan2006
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque data-Part2Kuhn, Stefan2006
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