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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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Path planning for industrial robot arms - A parallel randomized approachHenrich, Dominik1996
Fast motion planning by parallel processing - A reviewHenrich, Dominik1997
A parallel control architecture for industrial robot cellsHenrich, Dominik1998
Multi-directional search with goal switching for robot path planningHenrich, Dominik1998
On-line path planning with optimal C-space discretizationHenrich, Dominik1998
Manipulating deformable linear objects: Contact state transitions and transition conditionsRemde, Axel1999
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Attachable Adjustment-Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2001
Point-to-Point and Multi-Goal Path Planning for Industrial RobotsWurll, Christian2001
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Problem Analysis, System Concept and Fast Sensor FusionEbert, Dirk2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Manipulation Skill for Active Damping of OscillationsSchlechter, Antoine2002
Safe Human-Robot-Cooperation: Image-based Collision Detection for Industrial RobotsEbert, Dirk2002
Temporal erweiterte Prädikate der Fuzzy-Logik zur Überwachung und WartungSchmidt, Thorsten W.2004
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Sensor-Based Skills of Adjustment Motions for Vibration ReductionYue, Shigang2005
Safe human-robot-coexistence: emergency-stop using a high-speed vision-chipEbert, Dirk2005
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Fuzzy-Based Active Vibration Damping SkillYue, Shigang2006
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque dataKuhn, Stefan2006
Improving Navigation Precision of Milling Operations in Surgical RoboticsStolka, Philipp2006
Efficient smoothing of piecewise linear paths with minimal deviationWaringo, Michel2006
Using Maps from Local Sensors for Volume-Removing ToolsStolka, Philipp2007
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObstaclesGecks, Thorsten2007
Automatic adaptation of sensor-based robotsDeiterding, Jan2007
Fast Vision-Based Minimum Distance Determination Between Known and Unknown ObjectsKuhn, Stefan2007
Smoothing of Piecewise Linear PathsWaringo, Michel2008
Proactive premature-intention estimation for intuitive human robot collaborationAwais, Muhammad2012
A GOTO-Based Concept for Intuitive Robot ProgrammingBarth, Katharina2012
Erstellung eines unterstützenden Systems zur dreidimensionalen Raumerfassung mit einer handgehaltenen Farb-/TiefenkameraSand, Maximilian2013
Multi-Tasking of Competing Behaviors on a Robot ManipulatorGroth, Christian2013
Towards A Domain-specific Language For Pick-And-Place ApplicationsBuchmann, Thomas2013
Grounding of actions based on verbalized physical effects and manipulation primitivesSpangenberg, Michael2015
Exploring Interaction Modalities and Task Allocation for Household Robotic ArmHerr, Sascha2016
Learning to forget: Integrating Data Aging Strategies into a World Model for Robotics SystemsWerner, Tobias2016
Sensor-Based Loops and Branches for Playback-Programmed Robot SystemsRiedl, Michael2017
Efficient, Precise, and Convenient Calibration of Multi-Camera Systems by Robot AutomationWerner, Tobias2018
Skill Interaction Categories for Communication in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsRiedelbauch, Dominik2019
Coloured Petri Nets for Monitoring Human Actions in Flexible Human-Robot TeamsHöllerich, Nico2021

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Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque data-Part2Kuhn, Stefan2006
Velocity control for safe robot guidance based on fused vision and force/torque data-Part1Kuhn, Stefan2006
Path Planning and Execution in Fast-Changing Environments with Known and Unknown ObjectsGecks, Thorsten2007
Automatische Lastdatenbestimmung unter Nutzung eines sensorbasierten RobotersystemsMüller, Hannes2017
Sensor-based loops and branches for playback-programmed robot systemsRiedl, Michael2017
Sensor-Based Branches for Playback-Programmed Robot SystemsRiedl, Michael2019
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