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Visualization of Forces and Torques for Robot-Programming of In-Contact TasksHartwig, Johannes2023
A layered Pipeline for Natural Language Robot Programming with Control StructuresSucker, Sascha2023
Visual Programming of Robot Tasks with Product and Process VarietyRiedelbauch, Dominik2022
DOE Laser-assisted Turntable Calibration and Workpiece RegistrationSchmidt, Edgar2022
Detection and Handling of Dynamic Scenes during an Active Vision Process for Object Recognition using a Boundary RepresentationRohner, Dorian2022
Robot-Based Creation of Complete 3D Workpiece ModelsHarrer, David2022
Playback Robot Programming with Loop IncrementsRiedl, Michael2021
Playback Robot Programming Framework for Fiber Spraying ProcessesSchmidt, Edgar2021
Affordance Based Disambiguation and Validation in Human-Robot DialogueWölfel, Kim2020
User Guidance and Automatic Completion for Generating Planar B-Rep ModelsRohner, Dorian2020
User-Centered Design of an Intuitive Robot Playback Programming SystemColceriu, Christian2020
Robot-Based Fiber Spray Process for Small Batch ProductionSchmidt, Edgar2020
Vision-based Generation of Precedence GraphsRohner, Dorian2019
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristic Features for Vision-Based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAcker, Jürgen2003
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Robot Motions in Single and Multiple Contact PointsSchmidt, Thorsten W.2001
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Contact states and point contacts -Henrich, Dominik1999

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Assembly demo with cableAcker, Jürgen2007
Two sided assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detectionSchlechter, Antoine2007
Complete assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detection on the far end of the workpieceSchlechter, Antoine2007
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