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Angewandte Informatik III - Robotik und eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Dominik HENRICH

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Visualization of Forces and Torques for Robot-Programming of In-Contact TasksHartwig, Johannes2023
Visual Programming of Robot Tasks with Product and Process VarietyRiedelbauch, Dominik2022
Vision-based Generation of Precedence GraphsRohner, Dorian2019
User-Centered Design of an Intuitive Robot Playback Programming SystemColceriu, Christian2020
User Guidance and Automatic Completion for Generating Planar B-Rep ModelsRohner, Dorian2020
Robot-Based Fiber Spray Process for Small Batch ProductionSchmidt, Edgar2020
Robot-Based Creation of Complete 3D Workpiece ModelsHarrer, David2022
Playback Robot Programming with Loop IncrementsRiedl, Michael2021
Playback Robot Programming Framework for Fiber Spraying ProcessesSchmidt, Edgar2021
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Robot Motions in Single and Multiple Contact PointsSchmidt, Thorsten W.2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristic Features for Vision-Based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAcker, Jürgen2003
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Contact states and point contacts -Henrich, Dominik1999
DOE Laser-assisted Turntable Calibration and Workpiece RegistrationSchmidt, Edgar2022
Detection and Handling of Dynamic Scenes during an Active Vision Process for Object Recognition using a Boundary RepresentationRohner, Dorian2022
Affordance Based Disambiguation and Validation in Human-Robot DialogueWölfel, Kim2020
A layered Pipeline for Natural Language Robot Programming with Control StructuresSucker, Sascha2023

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Two sided assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detectionSchlechter, Antoine2007
Complete assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detection on the far end of the workpieceSchlechter, Antoine2007
Assembly demo with cableAcker, Jürgen2007
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