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Visualization of Forces and Torques for Robot-Programming of In-Contact TasksHartwig, Johannes2023
Efficient graphics processing unit–based voxel carving for surveillanceOber-Gecks, Antje2016
Surveillance of Robots using Multiple Colour or Depth Cameras with Distributed ProcessingFischer, Markus2009
Acoustic detection of contact state changes of deformable linear objectsDeiterding, Jan2006
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristic Features for Vision-Based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAcker, Jürgen2003
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Robot Motions in Single and Multiple Contact PointsSchmidt, Thorsten W.2001
Manipulating Deformable Linear Objects: Characteristics in Force Signals for Detecting Contact State TransitionsSchlechter, Antoine2001
Force- and Vision-based Detection of Contact State TransitionsAbbegg, Frank2000
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Vision-based recognition of contact state transitions -Abbegg, Frank1999
Manipulating deformable linear objects: Contact state transitions and transition conditionsRemde, Axel1999
Manipulating deformable linear objects - Contact states and point contacts -Henrich, Dominik1999
A Review of Parallel Processing Approaches to Robot Kinematics and JacobianHenrich, Dominik1997
Fast motion planning by parallel processing - A reviewHenrich, Dominik1997
Parallel processing approaches in roboticsHenrich, Dominik1997
A review of parallel processing approaches to motion planningHenrich, Dominik1996
Local load balancing for data parallel branch-and-boundHenrich, Dominik1994
Initialization of parallel branch-and-bound algorithmsHenrich, Dominik1993

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Two sided assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detectionSchlechter, Antoine2007
Complete assembly of a leaf spring with force-based contact detection on the far end of the workpieceSchlechter, Antoine2007
A precalculated near-optimal trajectory for force-based contact detectionSchlechter, Antoine2007
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