Makr - A fast ruby-based build tool for C/C++ development


Makr is a simple, short, reduced and easy build system (not a drop-in make replacement!) written in ruby (some 2000 LOC). It is tightly bound to C/C++ development on the linux platform. It does by default multi-threaded builds and is centered around out-of-source variant build directories. It can be recursively invoked, so working with subdirectories should be easy. It imposes little constraints on what the user can do and on the other hand demands responsable usage, which is (to be) demonstrated in the examples subdirectory. This project is supposed to remain small and not explode in features so that it is usable for beginners and restricted to a rather specific usage scenario, which is C/C++-Development (with code generators like Qt moc,SWIG,...). The script also shall remain small to support easy understanding of the core source code, such that people can adapt it to their own specific needs, if needed (after all, the ruby universe is open to expand into). License is MIT, so feel free to use, modify and share!

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