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ENACT: An Efficient and Extensible Entity-Actor Framework for Modular Robotics Software Components
Tobias Werner , Michael Gradmann , Dominik Henrich , Eric M. Orendt , Maximilian Sand , Michael Spangenberg

Abstract (english)
Recent advances towards generic robot programs require efficient sharing of copious information among many func-
tional modules. Current solutions favor extensibility over efficiency and thus limit attainable functionality. In con-
trast, we contribute a software framework that efficiently implements the extensible entity-aspect-actor paradigm. Our
framework remains safe for multi-threading, scales to distributed systems, handles inconsistent data and supports his-
tory logging. Evaluation through scenarios in industrial and service robotics attests claimed benefits. We conclude that
our framework is fit for use in robotics, with significance also for computer games, simulations, and VR applications.

Publication data

Year: 2016
Publication date: 05. April 2016
Source: 47th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR)
Project: SIMERO , INTROP , HandCAD


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