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Picking-up deformable linear objects with industrial robots
Axel Remde , Dominik Henrich , Heinz Wörn

Abstract (english)
This paper deals with the problem of picking-up deformable linear workpieces such as cables or ropes with an industrial robot. First, we give a motivation and problem definition. Based on a brief conceptual discussion of possible approaches we derive an algorithm for picking-up hanging deformable linear objects using two light barriers as sensor system. For this hardware, a skill-based approach is described and the parameters and major influence factors are discussed. In an experi- mental study, the feasibility and reliability under diverse conditions are investigated. The algorithm is found to be very reliable, if certain boundary conditions are met.

Publication data

Year: 1999
Publication date: 27. October 1999
Source: International Symposium on Robotics (30th ISR), October 27-29, 1999, Tokyo, Japan


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