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Safety strategies for human-robot cooperation


The SIMERO project investigates safety strategies for human/robot coexistence and cooperation. Industrial robots usually do not have sensors that provide overall information about the environment. Obstacles such as humans are not recognized and if collisions occur, this may lead to injury of the human or damage to the robot system. However, for many industrial tasks, it would be very helpful if humans and robots could work together in the same workspace at the same time. The goal of the SIMERO project is to develop safety strategies that allow safe cooperation between industrial manipulators and humans and to implement a demonstration system based on these strategies.


  • Planning for manual or automatic assembly or disassembly of components
  • Off-line and on-line programming of industrial robots
  • Safe collision-free guidance of (medical or measurement) instruments
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Surveillance of workspaces, museum exhibits and displays
  • Optimisation of workspace demands and time usage for production processes
  • Maintenance tasks with no stoppage of production
  • Cooperative assembly and disassembly




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